Baby Care

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    Baby Shampoo 2Baby Shampoo

    Baby Shampoo

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    Baby’s delicate eyes need special care during bath time. Dexphore baby shampoo is as gentle and mild to the eyes as pure water. This baby shampoo’s formula cleanses gently and rinses easily, leaving your baby’s hair soft, shiny, manageable and clean while smelling baby-fresh.

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    Sun Cream Baby1Sun Cream Baby

    Baby sunscreen Cream

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    Dexphore Kids Sun Cream offers a very high protection for KIDS sensitive skin.

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    Gripe Mixture

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    Dexphore Gripe Mixture For Infants and Children

    First choice for mothers.

  • rush-kids-2rush-kids

    Healing Rash Cream

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    – Is formed to protect tender baby skin against rashes. Also help to heal redness.
    – Provides effective relief from and reliable protection against diaper rash……….

  • Lice Shampoo 1Lice Shampoo

    Lice Shampoo

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    Dexphore Lice Shampoo is highly effective when used as directed. It can be used at home and will remove head lice without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind

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    Lice Spray

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    Maymar Anti-Lice & Nits products contain no harmful chemicals. Maymar is friendly and safe for use on all ages.

    The unique formula contains a key active
    ingredient called Dimethicone 92 % which has shown great results in killing both head lice and their eggs quickly and jojoba oil soothing,
    moisturizer for the hair and scalp.

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    Teething Gel

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    When babies are cutting new teeth, many of them will experience some discomfort.