Women Health

  • Anti Stretch 2Anti Stretch

    Anti Stretch Gel

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  • femirosefemirose-1

    Daily Intimate Wash (4.2)

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    Femirose Daily Intimate Wash
    Vaginal wash provides natural care for the sensitive area of your body. Femirose protects the vaginal and uterine mucous membranes without harming them as it contains a natural balance of acidity.

  • baking-soda-2baking-soda

    Disposable Vaginal Douche (baking Soda) – ph 8-9

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    Femilady disposable vaginal douche ensures a fresh cleansing action in vagina,

  • tight-2tight

    Disposable Vaginal Douche (Tight)- ph 4-3

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    Femilady disposable vaginal douche used for vaginal problems and for women suffering from enuresis due to multiple
    births, Femilady tighten the vaginal muscles.

  • Hot

    External Vaginal Wash (Whitening Ph5.2)

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    External Vaginal Douche

    Whitening & Antifungal

    pH 5.2

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    Internal Vaginal Douche (3.8)

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    Internal Vaginal Douche Anti-itching & Cleansing (pH 3.8)

    Fimelady internal douche, soap-free wash is enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Allantoin to gently cleanse and refresh the intimate area whilst lactic acid which helping to maintain a healthy pH-balance.

  • nipple-cream-2nipple-cream

    Nipple Cream

    0 out of 5

    The soothing, moisturizing, and healing effects of lanolin cream have been known to benefit nearly every skin type.

  • povidon-2povidon

    Vaginal Douche (povidone) – ph5.5

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    Femilady vaginal douche contains 10% of povidone Iodine as active ingredient, which is an antiseptic.